alignment equipment



MOD. 7204 MOD. 7202
Number of cameras 4 fixed camera 2 fixed camera
Cameras type Industrial Grade HD high-precision optical RAW cameras Industrial Grade HD high-precision optical RAW cameras
Mounting type Floor-wall-mount. T-shaped pillar
Cabinet type P-series / S-series
Applicability Pit or Lift
Distance cameras – the center of the turn tables min 60”, max 120”, recommended 87” min 60”, max 120”, recommended 99”
Wheel adapter mounting range 12 – 24 in
Power source 115 VAC single-phase 50/60 Hz
Weight net/gross
530/750 lbs
Volume 70 ft3



Up to date, top-selling traditional 3D Technovector alignment system. Decades of proven machine vision technology combined with affordable pricing. The implementation of the system the system technology measures car wheels’ angular parameters using cameras that analyze reflected images from attached-to-wheel targets. Video cameras are built using CMOS technology. Reflected radiation processing (wheel images) allows for calculating the relative position of vehicle wheels with high accuracy. Measurement results obtained with video cameras are processed using a Windows-operated computer.



Measuring Systems with Four or Two WideScope high-resolution industrial-grade cameras fixed on a system beam, installed in front of a vehicle with high-accuracy image targets attached to the car wheels.
Digital high-resolution cameras with embedded IR backlight enable the TechnoVector™ software to track targets’ accurate spatial positions.
The WideScope technology allows angles reading and adjusting in an extensive range of lift heights without moving the cameras’ beam, allowing for a more compact installation without loss of accuracy.



Unique WideScope technology allows readings and angles adjustment in a wide range of rack heights without adapting the measuring system, enabling compact system placement without loss of accuracy and significantly increasing the productivity of a wheel alignment bay.
The operational range of the visible heights of the lift is twice as wide as that of similar competitors. The four-camera system allows taking readings and performing alignments on the rack from the floor level to the adjustment height of 67″ / 1.70 m* without camera beam movement. The two-camera system allows for taking readings and performing adjustments on the rack in the range of 24″ / 0.6 m. up to 67″ / 1.70 m.
* Depends on the installation distance of system cameras.



High-definition cameras for immediate and stable target capture and a high-speed image transfer over TCP/IP. The system software carries out the wheels’ spatial-position-definition based on the reflection of target images.
Colored backlight for 7204 or backlight board indication for 7202 model with a convenient indication for the duplication of the screen directions to facilitate measurement and adjustment procedures.



Lightweight and compact design of adaptors and targets. Self-centering 12″ – 24″ rim range wheel adaptors with an adjustable central carriage. Optional magnetic wheel adaptors can be ordered.
Double-sided studs for easy attachment to both steel and light-alloy rims.

High definition targets are coated with a protective layer and contain no electronic components. A super-light magnesium alloy target base and protective plastic frame are used.



This branded software feature helps when a lift doesn’t remain horizontal while moving. The software automatically detects lift movements and compensates for the angular difference.



* Runs under Windows OS

Continuous data processing and live-reading displaying. Automatic step transition during measurement and adjustment procedures.

alignment machine
An OEM specification database for more than 60,000 vehicles, including primary angles values, tire pressure specifications, 3D animation, adjustment diagrams & drawings. The comprehensive electronic help system contains quick workflow navigation or equipment reference: alignment workflow video, software tuition video, specific vehicle adjustment information, diagrams, drawings, video and 3D animation.

Extremely fast readings refresh. The software keeps up with the cameras’ live data speed of 40 frames per second. Multiple target detection passes allow operation in extremely bright bays. The multithreaded architecture utilizes all the capabilities of modern multi-core processors. Scales correctly on every modern display, including 4K monitors. All the screens are preloaded to eliminate possible pauses while reading & adjusting. Animated 3D model of a generic car chassis. Wheel positions are pictured according to measured values of the toe, camber & caster. The adjustment mode has several views: each wheel, each axle, a general view, a geometry view, and a 2D-mode.

The software utilizes the latest version of the complete US local market vehicle MOTOR Driven™ database. The choice of a vehicle model by its VIN eliminates operator error when choosing a specification. Adjustment procedures in illustrated OEM manuals. Regular database updates are available through direct download. The software allows for adding an unlimited amount of custom specifications and exporting/importing them. The software employs all up-to-date techniques to improve the accuracy of target positions calculated in 3-dimensional space. Multiframe smoothing reduces data instability due to vibrations and lighting conditions yet swiftly reacts to any significant changes. The software automatically detects rack movement during adjustment and corrects the live values if the lift is inclined.

Two coordinate systems are supported while reading both the calibrated horizon plane and the vehicle plane. Additional jacking wheels mode for adjustment or runout compensation. 3D gauges during the procedures allow better visualization of measured wheel alignment values. Live 3D performed data. Software-generated print-outs can include 3D rendered drawings illustrating positions of wheels before and after the adjustment. An intuitive workflow that uses only four navigation buttons at the bottom of the screen.

Helpful drawings and OEM illustrations to remind the technician of procedural actions that have to be performed. The orders data is stored and can be recalled at any time. All the navigation throughout most of the program workflow can be completed using hotkeys on the remote control or the keyboard. Built-in webcam support helps in positioning the vehicle on a rack and can be set up for automatic car license plate recognition. The final print-out has a selection of one of the multiple templates and customization of advertisement massages, a company logo, etc. The application has a feature for sending automatic reports by email or text.

Barcode or QR-code reader support for automatic vehicle specification recall upon VIN reading. Specific settings set automatic step transition during measurement and adjustment procedures, reducing time and facilitating the whole process. An operator can select default modes for compensation, measurement, or adjustment and several other fine-tuning workflow settings. A statistics screen with wheel aligner productivity data is available, displaying quantity of adjustments over a given time frame, average adjustment time, etc. Tire pressure tables for most of the in-database models. A detailed, user-friendly printout with an opportunity for automatically sending reports to a customer’s phone or email address.

In the Box

1] Machine vision system
3D measurement system that includes 4 or 2 wide-angle HD cameras.


2] Computer cabinet
Ergonomic cabinet to store wheel adapters and targets, 21,5” and above LCD monitor, multipurpose extendable monitor bracket to adjust LCD position (height and angle of inclination).


3] Set of 4 HD targets and self-centering wheel adapters
A set of 4 self-centering wheel adapters (12-24”) and 4 HD targets covered with protective layer, without any electronic components.


4] Electronic unit
Powerful and reliable 12-24” desktop computer with Windows OS


5] Steering wheel holder and brake lock


6] Set of turn tables


7] Manual




Magnetic wheel adapters for faster installation. This type of adapters allows easier fastening for targets and higher operation speed.  Using magnetic adapters increases wheel aligner efficiency, makes operations simpler and excludes wheel adapter-rim contact.

32” monitor can be supplied instead of the standard one. It can be mounted onto the standard bracket.

Wheel adapter extensions to increase the upper working range from 24 to 28 inches. The set includes 16pcs.

Bar code and QR code reader to call vehicles’ specifications automatically by VIN recognition.